Kriyasheel Pragati Parishad

an imageThe story begins 47 years back; it was the period of darkness, total darkness. Emergency was promulgated all over country. Fundamental rights were suspended. Political leaders of every stature were pushed behind bars. No appeal no revision. Complete silence was on the face of millions of people.

Few responsible persons of the small town of Ganj Basoda in Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh were restless over this sad situation. They were thinking over the fate, about the cause and ways to come out of situation. After long discussions and lengthy restless nights, they came to the conclusion, that this pity condition was only due to wide spread illiteracy. They never stopped at this point and started thinking about abolishing this shameless condition. Finally, it was decided to start a regular school with quality education at cheaper rates. Thus, Navankur Vidyapeeth was born.

The Kriyasheel Pragati Parishad, is the mother organization of chain of school named Navankur. On 26th August 1977, the Parishad registered by Registrar of Societies M.P. Vide registration number 5836. In July 1978, Navankur Vidyapeeth was started in a small rented hut.

Parents & Students

Not only teachers but parents also play an important role in personality development of the children and prove themselves as good parents. Progress of Navankur is a indication of valuable suggestions and leading co-operation of the citizens of Ganj Basoda. They motivate their children in every way of life.

There is an unending list of local residents and guardians who are joining hands together to uplift the standards of Navankur. Navankur specially salutes and pays thanks to all of them.


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High School

Shivansh Raghuwanshi S/o Shri Ajay Singh Raghuwanshi

Higher Secondary

Anjali Jain D/o Shri Narendra Jain (Agriculture)

Megha Chidar D/o Shri Deendayal Chidar (Biology)

Swati Rajput D/o Shri Brajbhan Singh Rajput (Commerce)