Scout and Guide

Scout and guide unit is also in existence at Navankur campus. Scout and guide of Navankur can be seen on the every occasion of Vidisha district. Whether there is any kind of social work or any awareness-campaign, Navankur-Scouts appear with all their dedication. As the result of active participation, six scouts have been selected for Governor-Award-08.

S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Trateeya Sopan-22-23 2 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
2 Dwateey Sopan-22-23 3 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
3 Governor Awardee-19-20 4 Manish Saujany,Abhishek Vishwakarma,Saurabh Dangi,Sumit Dangi
4 Governor Award-19-20 4 State Training Center,Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal
5 Trateeya Sopan-19-20 3 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
6 Dwateey Sopan-19-20 3 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
7 Governor Awardee-18-19 7 Shiv Kumar Meena,Shivram Raghuwanshi,Anurag Vishwakarma,Sachin Rajput,Harsh Chaurasia,Dharmendra Lod
8 Governor Award-18-19 7 State Training Center,Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal
9 Trateeya Sopan-18-19 4 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
10 Dwateey Sopan-18-19 5 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
11 Governor Awardee-17-18 4 Raman Chaurasia,Bhanu Dubey,Lokesh Dinkar,Abhay Kumar Tiwari
12 Governor Award-17-18 4 State Training Center,Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal
13 Trateeya Sopan-17-18 6 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
14 Dwateey Sopan-17-18 6 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
15 Governor Awardee-16-17 5 Tarun Raghuwanshi,Aditya Dangi,Amit Baghel,Rohan Kushwah,Vikas Kushwah
16 Governor Award-16-17 5 State Training Center,Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal
17 Trateeya Sopan-16-17 6 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
18 Dwateey Sopan-16-17 8 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
19 President Awardee-15-16 8 Shiva Singh Rajput,Ramkrishna Rathore, Sandeep Dangi, Nitin Richhariya,Akshat Sharma,Akshay Tiwari,S
20 President Award-2015-16 8 National Training Center,Gatpuri,Haryana
21 Governor Awardee-15-16 1 Yash Rajput
22 Governor Award-15-16 1 State Training Center,Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal
23 Trateeya Sopan-15-16 6 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
24 Dwateey Sopan-15-16 5 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
25 Governor Awardee-14-15 2 Ramkrishna Rathore, Sandeep Dangi
26 Governor Award-14-15 2 State Training Center,Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal
27 Trateeya Sopan-14-15 1 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
28 Dwateey Sopan-14-15 5 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
29 Governor Awardee-13-14 6 Shiva Singh Rajput,Darshan Lahori,Saurabh Sharma,Shravan Maina,Shubham Namdev,Yashpal Raghuwanshi
30 Trateeya Sopan-13-14 3 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
31 Dwateey Sopan13-14 1 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
32 Governor Award-11-12 6 State Training Center,Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal
33 Trateeya Sopan-11-12 10 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen
34 Governor Awardee-10-11 6 Amratansh Katiyar,Neelesh Raghuwanshi,Nikhil Raghuwanshi,Tarun Lahori,Shubham Kushwah,Ravindra Dangi
35 Governor Award-10-11 6 State Training Center,Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal
36 Dwateey Sopan10-11 10 Distt Training Center,Vidisha
37 President Awardee-09-10 4 Manish Dubey,Raghvendra Dangi,Harshad Bhardwaj,Akshay Dixit
38 President Award-2009-10 4 National Training Center,Gatpuri,Haryana
39 Trateeya Sopan-2009-10 5 Regional Training Center,Kharwai,Raisen


Cultural-programme (Navankur-Nisha) of Navankur Vidyapeeth is known as one of the popular cultural activities of the city. The people of Ganj Basoda never miss it. They eagerly wait to watch Navankur-Nisha. Son Machhariya, Bhoot-Dance, Badhai-Nritya, Historical drama Deepdaan Pani roko. Jal-Chakkar, Panchayat geet, folk-songs and folk-dances are very effective and most popular among the people of Ganj Basoda. This is perceptible that at least 200 students perform on the stage with their classical and unique presentation.

To aware with the new concepts of cultural activities, Navankur organizes regular workshops in guidance of National Level Expert Artists.

S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Vidhik Seminar-2020 10 GAYAN, Manas Bhawan, Ganj Basoda
2 Kala Utsav-2020 450 ANNUAL CULTURAL PROGRAMME- Navankur Parisar, Ganj Basoda
3 Surtal Sandhya-2019 140 CLASSICAL PROGRAMME-Navankur Parisar, Ganj Basoda
4 Spandan Academy-2019 20 Shri Charan Sath Sandhya-Spandan Academy, Ganj Basoda
5 Bharat Parv-2019 14 MAHISHASUR MARDINI-SATI College, Vidisha
6 Taekwondo National-2019 25 RAI FOLK DANCE- Saraswati Shishu Mandir Teela Khedi, Vidisha
7 CM Programme-2018 12 ABHIYAN GEET- Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojna,Ganj Basoda
8 Taekwondo National-2018 22 MAYUR DANCE-Ashish Mangal Vatika,Vidisha
9 Dushehra Utsav-2018 16 MATDATA JAGRUKTA ABHIYAN GEET & DANCE- Mela Ground,Ganj Basoda
10 Matdata Awareness Programme-2018 20 Nukkad Natak & Jagrukta Geet- Jai Stambh Chowk,Nehru Chowk,Railway Station,Ganj Basoda
11 Ram Katha Mahotsav-2018 59 KATHPUTI RAMAYAN,MAYUR DANCE,PLAY SAVE TREES(mime) & BHajan Gayan-Tiranga Chok, Ganj Basoda
12 Kala Utsav-2017 10 KATHPUTLI RAMAYAN-Played at BLOCK, DISTRICT,STATE level.Selected at every step and finally performed at National Level.Vandna Bhargav,Sadeep Rawat, Ramkishan Rathore,Mukesh Sharma & Ramnarayan Narvari
13 Vedanti Ashram-2017 15 KATHPUTLI RAMAYAN- Vedanti Aashram, Ganj Basoda
14 Vidhik Seminar-2017 18 SWACHCHH BHARAT ABHIYAN NATAK- Lal Parede Ground, Ganj Basoda
15 Surtal Sandhya-2017 160 CLASSICAL SINGING PROGRAMME, DR VIJAY SHIRDHONKAR JI KI SMRITI ME - Navankur Auditorium, Ganj Basoda
16 Dushehra Utsav-2016 60 CHIRMI DANCE & SANGEET VIDYALAY KI PRASTUTI- Mela Ground, Ganj Basoda
17 Madhya Pradesh Diwas-2016 22 NATAK SWACHCHH BHARAT ABHIYAN- Govt HR School Parisar, Ganj Basoda
18 Dushehra Utsav-2015 18 MAYUR DANCE & SANGEET VIDYALAY KI PRASTUTI- Mela Ground, Ganj Basoda,
19 Bharat Parv-2015 18 MAYUR DANCE- SATI College, Vidisha & Sanchi
20 Republic Day-2015 26 MAYUR DANCE- Lal Parede Ground, Ganj Basoda
21 Rakt Sewa Samiti-2014 12 Abhiyan Geet- Jain Mandir, Bareth Road, Ganj Basoda
22 Madhya Pradesh Diwas-2014 40 SUA CHHATISGARHI DANCE- Lal Parede Ground, Ganj Basoda
23 Dushehra Utsav-2014 34 DASHAWTAR & GHOOMAR DANCE- Mela Ground, Ganj Basoda
24 Dushehra Utsav-2013 38 BAREDI & Gondhal DANCE- Mela Ground, Ganj Basoda
25 Republic Day-2013 24 BAREDI DANCE- Lal Parede Ground, Vidisha
26 Madhya Pradesh Diwas-2012 22 DASHAWTAR DANCE- Police Ground, Vidisha & Sanchi
27 CM Programme-2012 15 ANTYODAY MELA- Ganj Basoda
28 Dushehra Utsav-2012 14 LAVNI FOLK DANCE- Mela Ground, Ganj Basoda
29 Bharat Parv-2011 16 BHANGRA DANCE- SATI College, Vidisha
30 Republic Day-2011 22 BHANGRA DANCE- Lal Parede Ground, Ganj Basoda
31 Dushehra Utsav-2011 18 BHANGRA DANCE- Mela Ground, Ganj Basoda
32 Dushehra Utsav-2010 40 RAI & DEEP DANCE- Mela Ground, Ganj Basoda
33 CM Programme-2010 10 PANI ROKO ABHIYAN GEET- Gamakhar,Basoda
34 Bharat Parv-2010 16 AADIWASI DANCE- SATI College, Vidisha
35 Republic Day-2010 18 AADIWASI DANCE- Lal Parede Ground, Ganj Basoda
36 Independence Day-2009 22 BADHAI- Lal Parede Ground, Ganj Basoda
37 Republic Day-2009 30 Dil Dil GHODI- Lal Parede Ground, Ganj Basoda
38 Bharat Parv-2008 20 BIHU-SATI College,Vidisha
39 Republic Day-2008 40 BIHU-Lal Parede Ground,Ganj Basoda


Children have talent by birth. But it always needs time and training to develop their personality. Cultural and intellectual activities play a vital role in enhancement of their power of expression.. For this purpose, a unit called Abhivyakti is running which organizes many activities time to time likewise Nibhandh-Lekhan (essay-writing) Geet-Gayan (song), Shlok-Gayan, general knowledge, painting, debate, speech, dance etc. Hundreds of students participate in different-events every year.


To aware the generation is also a little deed of people service. Now a days we are facing so many problems in our life. The problem of pollution. water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, soil erosion, are some of them which are quite devastating for the existence of living beings. Navankur continuously motivates students to always be aware with the cause of these problems. So for this purpose, a chetna unit was established in the month of October in 1980. Since then, it is working widely throughout the villages of Vidisha district to harness the different environmental problems of our society. Jan- Chetna -Abhiyan, Servsiksha - Abhiyan, Paniroko - Abhiyan, Betwa Yatra, Fight against superstitions and Vyasan-Mukti-Abhiyan are some of them.

Navankur N.S.S. unit is always ready for such program and actively participates.

S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Corona Relief Fund Donation-2020 200 All employees of Navankur & Dolphin, Board of Directors & school jointly contributed Rs.200000/- in CM CORONA RELIEF FUND.
2 Samman-2020 50 Ramchandra Mission, Ganj Basoda greeted Navankur Vidyapeeth for its excellent work in education and other co-curricular activities.
3 Gauraiya Sarakshan-2019 700 In school assembly, Gauraiya Sarakshan programme was organised by Panchtatv, 700 students witnessed and inspired with this programme. March 2019
4 Matdata Awareness Programme-2018 25 Nukkad Natak & Jagrukta Geet- At Spandan Academy, Ganj Basoda.
5 Matdata Awareness Programme-2018 25 Nukkad Natak & Jagrukta Geet- Jai Stambh Chowk,Nehru Chowk,Railway Station,Ganj Basoda
6 Bal Mela-2017 100 Bal Sanrakshan Ayog organised Bal Mela on Childrens Day. Navankur actively participated in this programme with inspiring cultural activities.
7 Matdata Awareness Programme-2017 200 Staff & students went for Candle March to aware the voters to vote freely in state assembly election.
8 Samman-2017 10 Nagrik Sewa Samiti, Ganj Basoda greeted Late Dr Vijay Shirdhonkar with Shiksha Ratn Samman for his excellent services in the field of education.
9 Samman-2017 10 Navankur greeted Dr C M Nahta ( Eye Specialist) for his excellent work on Sewa field.
10 Balika Samman-2017 10 Mahila Bal Vikas Deptt.awarded ten female students on Balika Diwas against their excellent achievements in different fields.
11 Vidhik Seminar-2017 25 In this seminar, Navakur performed SWACHCHH BHARAT ABHIYAN NATAK- Lal Parede Ground, Ganj Basoda
12 Republic Day-2017 25 Performed Swachchht Bharat Abhiyan play in Vidisha at Bahrat Parv & also at Lal Parede Ground,Ganj Basoda .
13 Dant Parikshan Shivir-2016 850 Shri Narayan Sadashiv Rao Pingle Smriti Sewa Sansthan organised Dant Parikshan Shivir-2016 at Navankur Campus.
14 Career Guidance-2016 250 Mr. Utkarsh Silakari (IIT,Kharagpur) & Mr. Mridul Parihar visited Navankur and gave Career Guidance to Higher Secondry students.
15 Paryavaran Jagrukta Reilly-2016 300 NSS Unit,Scout Dal and students participated in this Reilly.
16 Kedarnath Disaster Relief Fund Donation-2013 90 Staff and students donated Rs.2100/- Kedarnath Disaster Relief Fund-2013
17 Raktdan Diwas-2011 15 Performed plays and sang songs for the awareness of Blood Donation.
18 RTE Act Awareness Campaign-2011 20 Navankur staff visited slum areas of Ganj Basoda to aware the people about RTE ACT-2010
19 Career Sanghoshthi Udaipur-2010 10 Ten teachers of Navankur visited Govt.Hr Seconday School, Udaipur and gave the Career Guidance to the students.
20 Independence Day-2009 20 Performed play-Ped hai jeevan data...
21 Vidhik Saksharta Shivir-2006 15 Performed play to make aware in rural areas,Ganj Basoda, Bareth
22 Rakt Sewa Samiti-2005 250 Samuhik Shramdan at Bareth Road.
23 Briksh-Gangs Yatra-2005 200 Sang songs like-Ped paudhe lagao ye bhaiya...Pani roko pani roko bhai re...
24 Vidhik Seminar-2004 5 Sang songs of awareness.
25 Rakt Sewa Samiti-2004 10 Performed Raktdan Aareness song-.Chalo chale khusi khusi--Koi mol rakt ka jano re....


M. P. Council of Science & Technology started Mission Excellence Programme in 2007. This is a State Level Program through which Vigyan Manthan Yatra is organized for school level students. This is a glorious achievement that since 2007. 10-20 students are being selected to visit various places of scientific importance in India.

Vigyan Mela/Pradarshni/Bal Vigyan Congress

Mogli Utsav

S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Mogli Utsav-19-20 2 State Level-Pench Abhyarany-Nancy Saini & Rajkumar Gupta
2 Mogli Utsav-18-19 1 State Level-Bandhavgarh Abhyarany-Nikhil Kushwah
3 Mogli Utsav-17-18 1 State Level-Bandhavgarh-Mayank Kushwah
4 Mogli Utsav-16-17 1 State Level-Pench Abhyarany-Sakshi Rai
5 Mogli Utsav-15-16 2 State Level-Pench Abhyarany-Divyanshi Richhariya & Shakti Vishwakarma
6 Mogli Utsav-14-15 2 State Level-Panch Abhyarany-Tanu Thakur & Shekh Rufi
7 Mogli Utsav-10-11 1 State Level-Pench Abhyarany-Charan Singh Dadoriya
8 Mogli Utsav-09-10 3 State Level Pench Abhyarany-Rohit Kurmwanshi,Shubham Patwa,Pooja Jain ( She was selected but not permitted to visit Pench as she was repeater)
9 Mogli Utsav-08-09 1 State Level-Panna Tiger Reserve-Pooja Jain
10 Mogli Utsav-05-06 3 State Level-Pench Abhyrany-Samiksha Jain,Manish Dubey,Samarpit Shrivastav This was the beginning year of this event.

Kalidas Samaroh

S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Kalidas Samaroh-2017-18 2 Shlok Gayan & Chitrankan-State Level,Ujjain- Sakshi Raghuwanshi, Sneha Chaukse
2 Kalidas Samaroh-2015-16 1 Shlok Gayan-State Level,Ujjain- Sakshi Raghuwanshi


S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Balran-19-20 2 State Level-Yoga-Aaradhna Vishwakarma,Bhashan(Sanskirt)-Mahima Dangi
2 Balrang-18-19 7 State Level-Bhashan(Sanskri)-Mahima Dangi,Yoga-Sadhna Vishwakarma,Nibandh-Anushka Sharma,Prshn Manch-Ankit Ahirwar & Samyak Jain,Calligraphy-Vaishali Baghel,Nibandh(Sanskrit)-Raksha Sharma
3 Balrang-17-18 4 State Level-Bhashan(Sanskrit)-Anumati Jetly,Nibandh-Apoorva Raghuwanshi,Caliigraphy-Tanu Thakur,Nibandh(Sanskrit) Priyansh Raghuwanshi.
4 Balrang-16-17 3 State Level-Nibandh(Sanskrit)-Anjali Rajak,,Bhashan(Sanskrit)-Raveena Dangi,Yoga-Kashish Ahirwar
5 Balrang-15-16 3 Division Level-Nibandh-Akash Baghel,Vedpath-Vipin Chaturvedi,Kavypath & Debate-Nitin Richhariya.
6 Balrang-14-15 4 National Level-Yoga-Jyoti Adiwasi,Sulekh-Apoorva Raghuwanshi,Calligraphy-Tanu Thakur,Nibandh-Madhu Raghuwanshi

Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Madhya Pradesh

Hindi Sahitya Sammelan is an institution which is established to promote and create literary interest in youth at different level.This Institution organises seminars, workshops,lekhan karyashalsa at different level. Fortunately, Navankur has become active member of this organisation.Mr. Palash Surjan,Mr. Manimohan Mehta Mr.Surendra Raghuwanshi and many more experrt persnalities are the key persons of this organisation.
S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Bhashan Pratiyogita-Gandhi Vichar Darshan 700 On Martyr Day,Bhashan Pratiyogita (Gandhi Darshan) was organised. First five top speakers were awarded by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan.30 Jan 2020
2 Film Kalichaat ka Pradarshan & Samvad 500 Film Kalichaat ,shown at Navankur campus, Students also discussed and learned the skills of film making as a career. Guests-Mr Sudhanshu Sharma,Dr Sonal Sharma,Dr Sunil Chaturvedi.18 Jan 2020
3 Sahitya Srijan Samvad-2019 18 Hindi Sahitya Sammelan organised State Level Sahitya Srijan Samvad & Lekhan karyshala at Chanderi.Navankur participated actively & honoured by the membership of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Madhya Pradesh.
4 Lekhan Karyshala Chanderi 18 Hindi Sahitya Sammelan organised State Level Sahitya Srijan Samvad & Lekhan karyshala at Chanderi.Navankur participated actively & honoured by the membership of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Madhya Pradesh.
5 Smriti Hari Sankar Parsai 600 Smriti Hari Sankar Parsai Vichaar Sangosthi at Navankur Campus Guests Mr. Tarun Guha Niyogu, Mr. Palash Surjan, Dr. Manimohan Mehta, Mr. Jaynarayan Mehta and Mr. Surendra Raghuvashi - 31 August 2019
6 Sahitya Srijan Samvad-2015 500 Kavita Path & Kavy Poster Pradarshni-Guests-Mr. Palash Surjan,Mr. Rag Telang,Dr. Manimohan Mehta, Dr. Mohan Nagar 10 Oct 2015.

MP Tourism Quiz

In 2016-17 Mp Tourism Deptt started state level quiz programme to promote tourism and also to aware the students to know about MP heritage ,culture and civilization.By this enthusiastic programme, school teams are selected through quiz and facilitate to visit different places of Mp.It is great honour to our school ,since beginning of the programme our students are being selected every year.
S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Tourism Quiz-19-20 3 Distt Level Winner-Chitranshi Shrivastav,Nancy Saini & Abhiraj Rathore visited Chanderi and Oorchha
2 Tourism Quiz-18-19 3 Distt Level Runner up-Mohit Bhargav,Shubham Raghuwanshi & Priyanka Raghuwanshi visited Hanumantia
3 Tourism Quiz-17-18 3 5th Position in Distt.-Sandeep Vishwakarma,Akshay Shrivastav & Shubham Raghuwanshi
4 Tourism Quiz-16-17 3 Distt Level Winner -Sandeep Vishwakarma,Akshay Shrivastav & Shubham Raghuwanshi

Bio Diversity Quiz

This programme is also started by 2019-2020.Navankur also participated here to open the doors of success.
S. No. Event Name No. of Participants Remark
1 Bio Diversity Qui-19-20 3 Got 5th position in Distt.-Abhiraj Rathore, Nancy Saini & Priyanka Raghuwanshi

NSS 2020 - 2021