National Service Scheme(N.S.S)

In 2005, hon’ble Cultural Minister Shri Laxmikant Sharma (Govt of Madhya Pradesh) announced the opening of N.S.S. unit at Navankur campus and gave the certificate of commencement of N.S.S activities. Since then, this unit is doing well and has a remarkable reputation at University level. Navankur has conducted three special-camps respectively at Pachma, Dayla and Bareth in which 400 students of Navankur and local villagers have participated in social actively.

Navankur has conducted seven special camps respectively at Pachama, Dayla, Bareth, Mahagaur, Nandupura, Fatehpur and Kanikhedi in which students of Navankur and local villagers have participated in different social activities.

S. No. Year Venue of Camp No. of Volunteers Activities
1. 2005 Pachma 25
  • Cleaning and reinforcement of Village roads, streets and drainage.
  • Literacy, Health and Economic-Socio Survey.
  • Poster Exhibition and Rallies for Environmental Awareness.
  • Performing of Plays to aware the village people against superstitions, addiction & other social evils of the society.
  • Awareness Programs on modern techniques of Agriculture.
2. 2006 Dayla 50
3. 2007 Bareth 50
4. 2008 Mahagaur 50
5. 2009 Nandupura 50
6. 2010 Fatehpur 50
7. 2011 Kanikhedi 50

Scout & Guide

Scout and guide unit is also in existence at Navankur campus. Scout and guide of Navankur can be seen on the every occasion of Vidisha district. Whether there is any kind of social – work or any awareness-campaign, Navankur-Scouts appear with all their dedication. As the result of active participation, six scouts have been selected for Governor-Award-08.

S. No. Year Sopan & Awards Activities
1. 2009-10 Trateeya Sopan Amritansh Katiyar, Neelesh Raghuwanshi, Tarun Lahori, Shubham Kushwah, Ravindra Dangi.
2. President Award Manish Dubey, Raghvendra Dangi, Harsit Bhardwaj, Akshat Dikshit.
3. 2010-11 Governor Award Amritansh Katiyar, Neelesh Raghuwanshi, Nikhil Raghuwanshi, Tarun Lahori, Shubham Kushwah, Ravindra Dangi.
4. Dwiteeya Sopan Sanket Khare, Ravindra Lodhi, Shiva Rajput, Yashpal Raghuwanshi, Darshan Lahori, Ravindra Dangi, Vishal Raghuwanshi, Shubham Namdev, Saurabh Sharma, Sharavan Maina.
5. 2011-12 Trateeya Sopan Sanket Khare, Ravindra Lodhi, Shiva Rajput, Yashpal Raghuwanshi, Darshan Lahori, Ravindra Dangi, Vishal Raghuwanshi, Shubham Namdev, Saurabh Sharma, Sharavan Maina.

Cultural Programme

Cultural-programme (Navankur-Nisha) of Navankur Vidyapeeth is known as one of the popular cultural activities of the city. The people of Ganj Basoda never miss it. They eagerly wait to watch Navankur-Nisha. Son Machhariya, Bhoot-Dance, Badhai-Nritya, Historical drama ‘Deepdaan’ Pani roko. Jal-Chakkar, Panchayat geet, folk-songs and folk-dances are very effective and most popular among the people of Ganj Basoda. This is perceptible that at least 200 students perform on the stage with their classical and unique presentation.

To aware with the new comcepts of cultural activities, Navankur organizes regular workshops in guidance of National Level Expert Artists.


Children have talent by birth. But it always needs time and training to develop their personality. Cultural and intellectual activities play a vital role in enhancement of their power of expression.. For this purpose, a unit called ‘Abhivyakti’ is running which organizes many activities time to time – likewise Nibhandh-Lekhan (essay-writing) Geet-Gayan (song), Shlok-Gayan, general knowledge, painting, debate, speech, dance etc. Hundreds of students participate in different-events every year.


To aware the generation is also a little deed of people service. Now –a- days we are facing so many problems in our life. The problem of pollution. water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, soil erosion, are some of them which are quite devastating for the existence of living beings. Navankur continuously motivates students to always be aware with the cause of these problems. So for this purpose, a chetna unit was established in the month of October in 1980. Since then, it is working widely throughout the villages of Vidisha district to harness the different environmental problems of our society. Jan- Chetna -Abhiyan, Servsiksha - Abhiyan, Paniroko - Abhiyan, Betwa – Yatra, Fight against superstitions and Vyasan-Mukti-Abhiyan are some of them.

Navankur N.S.S. unit is always ready for such program and actively participates.


M. P. Council of Science & Technology started Mission Excellence Programme in 2007. This is a State Level Program through which Vigyan Manthan Yatra is organized for school level students. This is a glorious achievement that since 2007. 10-20 students are being selected to visit various places of scientific importance in India.

S. No. Year No. of Students Visited Places Special Achievements
1. 2008 10 Pune, Bangalore and Kanyakumari Ankita Tandon got XII Position for Scholarship Science Excellence Test.
2. 2009 09 Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Hydrabad, Delhi Anchal Jain got XII Position in Science Excellence Test.
3. 2010 13 Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai , Dehradun Shivani Achwal, Neelesh Saini, Aditi Tiwari, Akash Meena qualified Scholarship Science Excellence Test.
4. 2011 20 Pune, Bangalore and Kanyakumari Apoorva Dangi, Shubham Achwal, Ruchi Rai, Vaishali Dangi qualified Scholarship Science Excellence Test.
5. 2012 23 Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Hydrabad, Banglore, Chennai Result Awaited.

Gyan Vigyan

On 18 Feb 1996, Akhil Bharatiya Jan Vigyan Congress organized a programme against the orthodox ways of living and superstition of villagers. Nearly 150 members of Navankur - Pariwar actively took part in it, almost visited every village of Vidisha district and conscience everyone against superstition. Navankur – Jan – Vigyan - Jatha was formed for this purpose.

Vigyan Pradarshani

Navankur students also take part in science exhibition programmes organized by Bal Vigyan Congress. Science models prepared by Navankur students are appreciated at different levels.