Publication In present context, publication and education have become part and parcel to each other. To achieve it, Navankur has started its own publication in 80’s. It has independent department of publication having full infrastructure and skilled personnel.

Navankur is continuously publishing ‘Kramshah’ school magazine with manifolded chapters. Besides this, Navankur has published 300 books on various careers. ‘Kramshah’ monthly newspapers, study-material, model-papers, merit-cards are some schedule contents of Navankur – Publication.

All the material, published by Navankur is provided free of cost to all students and guardians.

S. No. Edition
1 Kramshah April 2019 Read Now
2 Kramshah Feb 2019 Read Now
3 Kramshah April 2018 Read Now
4 Kramshah April-2017 Read Now
5 Kramshah Shradhanjali Visheshank Read Now
6 April 2016 Read Now
7 September-2015 Read Now
8 April-2015 Read Now
9 October-14 Read Now
10 April-2014 Read Now
11 January-2014 Read Now
12 September-2013 Read Now
13 August-2012 Read Now
14 August-2009 Read Now
15 April-2013 Read Now
16 January 2013 Read Now
17 April 2012 Read Now
18 January 2012 Read Now
19 September 2011 Read Now
20 December 2010 Read Now
21 October 2010 Read Now
22 August 2010 Read Now